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Most users do not put a lot of thought into how well they experience digital design. They are, however, quick to notice when something doesn’t work. I make sure my designs are smooth and logical, so that users are comfortable operating with them.

In modern times, people tend to use various devices to browse internet. This leads to differently sized screens, causing us to work around changing dimensions. Dynamic websites allow for these changes to go unnoticed, whilst also contributing to search engine optimization (SEO).

The best SEO can be achieved by structuring websites clearly and understandably in order for search engines to recognize what they are about. That then causes them to appear higher in searches.

All my digital work is based on content management systems (CMS) – platforms enabling clients to more easily input and manage content. A brief introduction to the platform is always made, where we go over the basic, need-to-know facts regarding how to work with the new product.

When you need:  CMS based web site, social media management

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