No excuses allowed

Spartan Race

More than a race

Spartan Race is not just a race, rather it is a community with its own philosophy. It presents the resilience, grittiness and passion of Spartans, encouraging members of the community to push their limits and live without excuses.

The goal

I joined a design challenge where I was tasked with re-creating a wordmark for Spartan Race. It needed to be simple, fresh and modern.

The scope

Wordmark design, T-shirt design

Reach for glory

The main symbol of the mark represents the strong mind of the contestant pulling him or herself over the obstacle, reaching for glory. It retains the Spartan spirit by illustrating greek letter lambda, the proclaimed symbol of the powerful state.

Dress to contest

The essential part of the t-shirt design was that it had to look appealing to the brand’s target audience. To emphasize the simple shapes of the symbol, I went for a popular and trendy style in gym wear, making race participants feel at home.

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