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For beer-lovers and pirates (or both)

Pirad is a modern beer shop, presenting itself as established, and keeping elements that resonate well with their beer-loving customers. They offer a wide selection of the finest craft and traditional beers, all inside a welcoming interior.

The main challenge was to create an identity that would work well with colorful and attention-grabbing identities of trendy craft beer labels; not fighting for the spotlight, but still showing the brand’s relevance. In short, sticking to a modern look and not seeming out of place in a traditional setting.

The goal

Create a fresh new brand identity for beer shop of the 2nd craft revolution.

The scope

Identity system design, Stationery design, Promotion material

Yaaaarrr pint

The mark I created is a modern take on a blackletter type, which speaks nicely about english porters, belgian blond ales and german weissbiers. The structure of the type is transferred to the symbol, keeping it’s angles and widths. Hidden in the image are a pirate’s head or a pint of beer, depending on how one looks at it. 

The pirate sails

The identity system and its mark use a color that mimics that of a beer and its bottle. They are built around strong octagonal diagonal shapes, conveying the brand as active, determined, modern, established and challenge-seeking, just like any craft beer-searching pirate.

But why pirates?

The brand’s name is a mix of two slovenian words: pir (a slang word for beer) and rad (meaning to like something). The final result sounds similar to the word pirat (meaning pirate). And that creates a shop for pirates of the craft beer seas.

Beer and pirates? Didn’t they drink rum? Yes, you are correct. However, back then access to quality craft beer was limited, therefore rum was undoubtedly a better option.


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