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FI automotive

A studio with ambitions

FI is an automotive studio specialized in sports car repairs, also offering regular check-ups. They have just recently founded their own racing team called FI racing. Locally they are known for fast and reliable repair work. On the race tracks, they will soon become known for much more than that.

The goal

Refresh the company’s identity and create support for their newly founded branch.

The scope

Identity system design, Stationery design, Social media assets

Iconic and fresh

The client wished for a more modern and clear look up to par with today’s branding standards. The key point was to incorporate their signature symbol from the past identify; the racing flag. It had to be subtle, not dominating the mark and pushing to a racing cliche, but acting as a token of their racing legacy.


FI racing

I was also tasked with creating an additional mark alteration to be used as a racing team emblem. The big square letters and thinning, disappearing lines convey speed and strength, promoting the racing team as an indisputable victor in the race.

Color of speed

The light blue color in the identity represents air, wind, speed, and, for the more car savvy, also the exhilarating blue flame of car nitrous. It appears strong and fast, paralleling the brand’s goals in the studio and on the tracks.

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