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I was born on March 5th 1997 in a small town called Maribor. It is located in a central European country Slovenia, where I grew up and continue my studies. I’m currently in the process of learning all that I can about visual arts, while also trying to find time for a few of my passions as well. These hobbies include travelling, beer and vinyl records.

I like to help finding solutions

My outlook on design is pretty simple. I’m convinced it is so much more than just aesthetics. I see it more as a means of solving problems, so I use it to help ideas be heard. As you’ve likely gathered from my website, I am very straight to the point, looking to reach the goals I set through the most optimal path.

I’m a student at University of Ljubljana, where is study graphic and interactive communications. I have one more year to earning a bachelor’s degree in the field.



Graphic design, Web design, Packaging design, Video post production, Photography/Videography, Streaming

Software proficiency:

Adobe creative suite, WordPress, Open Broadcast Software, Sony Vegas Pro, Microsoft Office Pack

Programming proficiency:

HTML/CSS, javaScript, Python

Known languages:









Let's reach that goal!

Nikolas Kristovič
Prešernova ulica 12, 2000 Maribor, SI

E    nikolask.creative@gmail.com
P    +386 40 438 183


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